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Announcing the AGI Congressional Analytics Pipeline Project

Friday, December 15, 2023


I’m thrilled to formally announce the start of design and development on the Congressional Analytics Pipeline (CAP) application! This AI-powered system aims to amplify congressional analysis and discourse to enable more informed policy debates grounded in evidence.

As part of my commitment to developing technology responsibly and serving the public good, I have created a Request for Comments document welcoming constructive feedback from the community on this project. Please feel free to email me anonymously if that makes you more comfortable.

I will be posting daily progress reports and weekly recorded demo videos of the application capabilities and components as they evolve. To reiterate, this application will be donated to Congress for perpetual use under free license terms - available for any elected member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

By providing all US Congress members with equal access to the source code I invented for generalized AI outputs (outputs that produce results outside of training data) it will be incumbent upon them to use that power how they see fit. As far as source code modification goes, I can’t control that, but I will be supporting revisions as needed. Ultimately, the source code will get out and it likely already has. This means that I should open source it sooner than later for personal safety reasons. Any act of collusion to suppress my rights to provide this capability to the US government for free will be vigorously defended. Any member of Congress colluding on suppressing my rights should be vigorously prosecuted. Please protect and respect my right to change the free world for the better.

— Kenny Bastani

I recognize the private sector stands to lose from openly sharing these advanced AI capabilities with American leadership. In the course of this initiative, I expect to encounter threats from those aiming to maintain control or advantage. However, I openly and willingly accept these risks in pursuit of defending fundamental individual rights and freedoms that form the bedrock of our nation’s sacred values.

I welcome any and all constructive dialogues from those also committed to harnessing technology’s potential to responsibly serve all people and uplift understanding between us. Please reach out with any questions, perspectives or potential collaborations you may have related to this project. The doors are always open!


Kenny Bastani

CAP screenshot